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Name Pre-Plan funeral service.

  • 10 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • On-line and in person

Service Description

This booklet will show you how to save extra money on burial service. We were all taught to by preened burial insurance, and it’s nothing wrong with it . The problem is you paying for insurance and a middle person, so you are over paying. Our booklet will show you how to preplan your entire service yourself. Why pay someone else to do what you can do. After the funeral is over, people start to go back to work , food is gone , money depleted from the service , and life and bills must go one . So our booklet will give you step by step to achieve the same accomplishment, as going through a representative and paying them. You are going to need ever xtra dime you can get, when paying someone to do what you can do . The preened representative is depending on you not wanting to deal with it , our mentality is they are getting paid, let them do it . You been married to someone for 20 to 55 years, or raised your children , who else better to tell their story , but you. This is a part of of life you want to do for yourself, not give to a total stranger to do even if they are trained in this . It’s about living for yourself , being able to survive after the loss of a loved one is imperative . To understand better, purchase our plan. Go to our and click on Secure yourself and family and place order.

Contact Details

810-931-6319 / 947-622-0293

Flint, MI, USA